Includes laptop and Winplus software, hand controls, Xbox Ultra and all relevant cabling  

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On-Camera Units

Our standard on-camera autocue units range from 5.6" - 17" and include a spare monitor, hood, glass and all relevant cabling 

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Conference Stands

 Manual Conference Stands offer simplicity and flexibility when used at award ceremonies, conferences and presentations. This dry hire package includes a pair of adjustable stands, glass and Winplus 

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Rise & Fall Stands

Our Rise & Fall Motorised Robotic Stands offer the ability to quickly and automatically adjust the height of stands to more easily accommodate a variety of speakers. This dry hire package includes autocue monitors, glass and the Winplus system.

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iPad Prompter

Our iPad prompter bracket is perfect for small DSLR cameras and junket shoots (does not include iPad or software) 

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Larger On-Camera Units

Our 19" and 20" autocue monitors are our largest on-camera units. Includes a spare monitor, hood, glass and all relevant cabling.

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 If you have our autocue equipment already installed at your location we would be happy to quote for one of our large pool of experienced, professional prompting staff to operate on your project or event. 



8" Monitor

autocue autoscript rental hire london prompting handheld lightweight

This lightweight 8" autocue monitor is ideal for handheld use. Also available to dry hire.

8" Lens hood monitor

autoscript autocue hire rental prompting london lightweight small teleprompter

This lightweight autocue monitor is perfect for handheld use and includes a HJ14x lens hood. Available to dry hire.

17" EPIC Monitor

autoscript autocue london rental hire studio epic prompting teleprompter studio talent monitor

The 17" EPIC is ideal for studio records. This autocue monitor includes a built-in talent monitor.